Pattern Order

Order process

Crochet patterns can  be written in C2C,  single crochet or tunisian simple stitch.  You can easily convert the single crochet to esc, hdc, or dc.  You can choose your favourite brand of yarn and how many colours you would like to work with.

My program will find the best match from the group(s) of yarn that you choose.  Sometimes there is not an exact match with the limited colour palette available from yarn brands.

When you send me your picture (maximum of 4MB), within 24 hours I will email you back the output the program has come up with from the information you requested.  If at that time you are not happy with the colours from the yarn choice I will work with you (up to 5 tries) to make changes.  There is no charge until you buy the PDF.

With your picture please tell me the following:

  • Cross stitch, crochet single stitch, C2C or tunisian simple stitch.
  • What size blanket or cross stitch (will also depend on the aida count used) picture you are aiming for.
  • What brand of yarn / thread you plan on using (and if you want to mix yarn brands). Please refer to the list of yarn below.
  • Minimum number of colours you are wanting to use.  Cross Stitch maximum is 150 colours.